About Us


About Us

"Welcome to GMC Textile. GMC Textile was established in 1996 as a ready made garment producer in Izmir and gained substantial competitive experience through ...."

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"Since 2011, we have been selling our own designs and collections to our customers. Both our design teams in Europe and Turkey regularly observes and interprets emerging trends to create new collections with respect to latest fabrics, colors and new technical treatments. We also prepare collections according to briefs received from our customers 70% of our sales are being generated through our own designed garments "


We strongly believe that it is crucial to provide the right sample on time to have success in the sales of the garment.

Our experienced sampling department, capable of producing high quality samples in a very short period of time , serves as an integral part of our preproduction process


Human Resources

People are always in the center of our business. We are committed to provide all our employees with safe and healthy working environment where there is equal opportunity, mutual trust and respect for the dignity of individual. We follow environmentally friendly approach in our resource and energy consumption. We are regularly being audited by accredited inspection and certification companies such as ITS, SGS, AI, Sedex, Fairwear... according to our customers’ requirements .

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